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[MediaWiki-l] page forms loose edits on save after session expires


I'm using Auth_RemoteUser as an immutable session provider in the following environment:

* MediaWiki 1.30.0 (830bb58)
* Auth_remoteuser 2.0.1 (0af2823) 16:22, 24 April 2018
* Page Forms 4.3 (c35e352) 13:50, 14 March 2018
* Immutable Session Provider - CA Policy Agent for Apache

I have recently patched Auth_remoteuser  to solve the "First-Save" bug that was fixed recently [2] , but a remaining problem that was not resolved by that patch is as follows:  

When a user's session times-out before they SAVE during form page edit (ala 'action=formedit'), the page form loses the user's edits in the process of having a new session created. This does not happen (loss of edits) with a normal edit (action=edit), only with form edits.  [0]

There has been talk about this problem in the past [1] and I'm wondering if the fix has been verified for users using AuthRemoteUser with an immutable session provider configuration.

Can anyone help me identify if this is indeed a problem with Auth_RemoteUser or (unlikely) with Page Forms.

[0] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:Auth_remoteuser#page_forms_loose_edits_when_session_expires 
[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:Page_Forms/Archive_January_2015#Problem_with_losing_session_data_while_submitting_form 
[2] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:Auth_remoteuser#%22First_Save%22_bug_with_MW_1.30_and_AuthRU_2.0.2 


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