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Mediawiki Download from SVN using TortoiseSVN

First, Thanks to all of you who participate in this list. It is a great

I have no experience with SNV command line or CVS or PCVS and am running
windows.  TortoiseSVN was suggested as a
good/east way to upgrade versions and branches. I have downloaded and
installed TortoiseSVN but have struggled with what to do. I read the
Tortoise Documentation but it also assumes experience with SVN concepts. I
have read
and Greg's Scorz's

but don't understand what commit means.

Could someone create a brief outline of TortoiseSVN steps. Assuming the
reader has a working instance of 1.6.3 installed on
c:\wiki\mediawiki\mediawiki-1.6.3 with a customized
localsettings.phpin \mediawiki-
1.6.3 and one or more extensions in \mediawiki-1.6.3/extensions?

Do I move my localsettinggs.php and extenstions to different folders? Do I
create a repository?

Any help would be extremely appreciated and I would be willing to turn the
text into a meta.wikimedia article for the user's guide.
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