Meet-up about less resourced languages, wikis and other nice things

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Meet-up about less resourced languages, wikis and other nice things

Sabine Cretella
Good morning!

Next week we will have a first international wiki and less resourced
languages meet-up in Cherasco, Piedmont, Italy. The languages for this
meet-up are English as mayor communication platform eventually French
and Wolof (for the Senegalese community) and Piedmontese. There will be
some short inserts of other less resourced languages in terms of videos
and/or recordings as well.

Yesterday there was a meeting in Piedmontese language only. Recordings
will be available online soon. Unfortunately the network connections did
not allow for live transmission. (is the place where we will be
next Saturday).

The event is backed by the local authorities and the Region of Piedmont
as well as by the association GoPiedmont. Programming of the event
started quite late so all what was possible was done, and it was not
possible to consider many additional possibilities for this year (also
in terms of funding ... there's always that 24 hours/day thingie ... :-)

Therefore we had no additional funding to the technical facilities. This
time scolarships were not possible - we hope to be able to get things
like these in future, but we cannot promise :-)

Link to the programme:
<a href="">

Some of the videos are already online:
For now we have a loop of approx. 90 mins.

Transcripts will be uploaded step by step here:
<a href="">
(also in this case licenses need to be still established)

Some changes are still possible, but we have more contents than shown
here, so: no probs for that part.

As to the videos: most of them are already here, few are missing, I have
also additional contents. If you are part of a less resourced or
minority language group and would like to talk about your language and
projects in your language, you are welcome to submit your video to show
people - we cannot grant it to be online for the day of the conference,
but we can insert it in the cycle as soon as possible. Please also
consider using a free license for your video. We will see which ones of
ours can be released under free license (we could not care about that
part by now, but this is not essential for the conference itself and can
be handled after it).

All videos shown during the conference are going to be dubbed in
Piedmontese language.

At this stage I would like to publicly thank all, Wikimedians and non,
who helped us to organise the event and get things on their way. Approx.
4 month is not really much time.

Yes, we are already thinking about the next event for 2009 (also 2010 is
being considered) and whoever is interested is welcome to join us.
Really next year should have been the first year to do this ... but
well: we got the challenge to do it now and so we did.

Please feel free to distribute this information as you wish. It was not
possible to go around all village pumps on our wikis which deal with a
less resourced language (I tried to do at least some).

Should you have any questions, please ask - they will be answered on the
website of GoPiedmont so that questions and answers are available to a
broader public. We cannot make sure we answer immediately being only in
two to do this. Please send a copy of your question to
[hidden email] from where it reaches our private mail boxes and
not the lists which we cannot really follow these days.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Sabine Cretella

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