#MisinfoWeb track at the Web Conference 2018: Panel and Program update

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#MisinfoWeb track at the Web Conference 2018: Panel and Program update

Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia-3
Dear all,

As many of you know already, this year the Web Conference
<https://www2018.thewebconf.org> will feature an alternate track on
Misinformation, and Fact Checking*, jointly organized by Kristina Lerman,
Takis Metaxas, and me.

We are happy to announce that the final program is up on the website:


Aside from the twelve accepted research presentations, we are particularly
happy to announce that we have assembled an exciting panel. See below for
more information about it.

We hope to see you in Lyon, and if you have any question feel free to reach
out at [hidden email]


Giovanni, Kristina, and Takis

*The effects of “Fake News” on Journalism and Democracy*
*Online propaganda and misinformation appeared along with the first search
engine in the mid-90’s and it became harder to detect in the last decade
with the development of social media applications. Yet, in the last few
years it spread widely in the form of the so-called “fake news”, falsehoods
online formatted and circulated in such a way that a reader might mistake
them for legitimate news articles. How big of a problem is it, how
technology and policy can help us address it, and what are the implications
for Journalism and Democracy?*

   - Daniel Funke <https://www.poynter.org/person/dfunke> (Poynter
   - Katherine Maher <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Katherine_(WMF)>
   (Wikimedia Foundation)
   - P. Takis Metaxas <http://cs.wellesley.edu/~pmetaxas/> (Albright
   Institute for Global Affairs, Wellesley College) – Moderator
   - An Xiao Mina <https://about.me/anxiaostudio> (Credibility Coalition
   and Meedan)
   - Soroush Vosoughi <http://soroush.mit.edu/> (MIT Media Lab)

Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia <[hidden email]> ∙ Assistant Research
IU Network Science Institute <http://iuni.iu.edu/> ∙ glciampaglia.com
News 🕫 *WWW 2018* ∙ Alternate track on Journalism, Misinformation, and
Fact Checking:
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