Missing images and commonshelper updates

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Missing images and commonshelper updates

Magnus Manske

I have added lots of nice functions to my "missing images" and
"commonshelper" tools [1].

Missing images
* This can now be invoked with a category name, and the script will
iterate through all articles in this category
* You can get the script source fro the page itself (so you can run it
without the 30-second-limit)
* Images ("good" and "unknown") on wikipedias now have a button leading
to a prefilled commonshelper page

* Now generated a description based on the {{Information}} template
* Improved upload history parsing function thanks to a function provided
by Marco Schuster
* Now provides a direct link to save an image locally
* Now provides a button to call up the commons upload page with the
description prefilled


[1] http://magnusmanske.de/wikipedia/

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