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Mobile browser support matrix revision

Stephen Niedzielski

I noticed that the mobile browser compatibility matrix[0] is a little
dated (last revised March 2017). I don't know how we formally decide to
update it so I'd like to propose the following version bumps given the
last year's metrics cited on wiki[1-2]:

- iOS: modern 8 -> 11; basic 7 -> 9
- Android: modern 4 -> 6; basic: 2 -> 4
- Windows: basic 8 -> (remove OS column)
- Blackberry: basic * -> (remove OS column--it's unclear if star means
  all or none)

Additionally, I propose the following changes:

- Replace "Basic" terminology in the OS table with "Basic (Grade C)"
  for clarity
- Drop "unknown" rows from OS and browser tables as there is no unknown
  column for OS or browser, which is inconsistent, and they're also

Some of these changes are a little bolder than usual but would help
focus development, design, testing configuration, and the conversation
towards the future. I sincerely apologize if I've offended anyone.


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