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Florence Devouard-3
Whilst I was sleeping (still trying to recover :-)), several people sent
"thank yous" and I happen to agree with all of them. Andrew, Phoebe,
TzuChiang, I second you entirely.

If I dare list some of the things I loved more specifically, and which
help making it what I consider was a *great* wikimania.

Most of the attendees were really wikimedians. Not swarms of
journalists, nor curious visitors. There were many times I had this odd
feeling we were on meta, or on this list, just chatting or trolling,
simply face to face.

I liked the program a lot, because it was the right mix of talks from
wikimedians, and of talks from famous personalities in open and free
culture. Basically, there was always an interesting session to go to.
I'd suggest that in the future, we move even more towards "workshop" or
"panels" type of activity, so much more wikiculture.

Seconding Andrew, I think the central point was a little anthill where
we could always find others, someone to talk to, something to look at,
something to eat. Better put the lightning talks a little bit aside, but
  a little crowdiness did wonders. It felt such a warm place.

The conference did not stop at 17h. Hosting was just a couple of minutes
away, was of very good quality, provided room to hang together and chat
till the end of the night. Again another opportunity to bond. There were
also many tourist trips done, joint foot massage, discovery of night
markets. We should probably work even further on the social events.

I think it was exactly of the right spirit we should aim to. A
conference for us, to meet and chat. I had a great time. Thanks a lot to
all the organizers !

Special note for those I particularly worked with, Theodonarian,
TzuChiang, Alice and Frances.


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