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Mozilla Maker Party-Wikimedia Learning Station

Vishnu t
Dear Wikimedians,

Mozilla Foundation is hosting a Maker Party [1] 2014 in Chennai during
September 13-14, 2014. They are quite keen to have a Wikimedia learning
station [2] at this Maker Party.

It is a great opportunity for interested Chennai (or nearby place) based
Wikimedians to be part of the "Maker Party: Chennai 2014" [3] and to
spread the word about the Wikimedia projects. Please touch base off the
list if you are interested to help set up the Wikimedia Learning Station
at the Maker Party. CIS-A2K will give limited support [4] to set up the
Wikimedia Learning Station.

Sorry for this delayed mail. I was out of action due to ill health :(

*[1] About Mozilla Maker Party: Maker Party 2014 was kick-started by
President Obama at White House Maker Faire
this June. From June 15 - Sept 15, Mozilla Foundation is hosting a
Global Maker Party (, with small to
large Webmaking events happening everywhere. Mozilla India will be
hosting/ be part of the flagship Maker Party World Tour.

[2] Could have simple table-top activities or hands-on activities that
are easily understandable by any age group/ skill level. Demonstration
of Wikimedia projects (especially Tamil projects) could be thought of.

[3] About 'Maker  Party: Chennai 2014': is an attempt to map and empower
a community of educators and creative people who share a passion to
innovate, evolve and change the learning landscape. This will be the
first of its kind Mozilla Foundation event in Tamil Nadu.

[4] Some of the support could include banners, brochures, posters,
standees, Wikipedia goodies, etc. We are open to exploring the
innovative ideas from those of you, who would like to set up the
Wikimedia Learning Station.

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