Multilingual error messages - need proof-reading

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Multilingual error messages - need proof-reading

Mark Ryan

As a few people may know, the Green Screen of Death multilingual error
message on Wikimedia is my baby. Since it's now 2 years old, and since
several people had dissed its javascript etc, I recently started
re-coding it and adding several languages.

I have spoken with so many kind, friendly Wikipedians who speak other
languages, and they have been incredibly helpful to me by providing
translations and putting up with my incessant popping into their IRC
questions to ask silly questions in English.

Anyway, after almost a couple of months, I finally have all the
translations together. I would now like people who are fluent in these
languages to proof-read the messages, and mark them in the table on
this page as checked:

Additionally, some of the languages there need some links to be inserted.

Thanks for your time. Any help that people can give me in this by
doing this proof-reading will be rewarded with warm thank-yous and

~Mark Ryan

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