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National Program Director, India

Barry Newstead
Dear Indian Wikimedians,

I want to share with you the job description [1] we have developed for
the Wikimedia Foundation's National Program Director for India.  This
position is among the first steps we are taking to implement our
five-year strategy aimed to support all of your work to strengthen and
grow the Wikimedia projects in India.   We are very excited to make our
first global investment in India and are optimistic about the potential
for success of this pilot initiative.

As you will see in the position description, we envision a range of
possible activities that the Wikimedia Foundation might undertake in
India.  However, we will not specify the work fully until we have the
opportunity to develop joint plans with the India chapter and with other
community members in India.  In my coming trips to India, I will engage
with as many of you as possible to help shape an effective role for WMF
that complements and supplements your work.

In terms of the search for the Director, we have hired Egon Zehnder's (a
highly regarded international search firm) with a strong Indian team to
help us manage the search. Two of their partners in Mumbai and Delhi
will manage the search.  We are looking for an outstanding individual
who has a deep commitment to our mission and to community-building in
India.  Ideally, our candidate will have the ability to work effectively
with a wide range of Indian society and it would be great if (s)he were
a Wikimedian. Our plan is to advertise the position widely in India and
around the world.  For Economist subscribers, you will see the position
advertised this weekend along with other positions we are hiring for.

Feel free to drop me a note with any suggestions or questions you might

Best regards,



Barry Newstead
Chief Global Development Officer
Wikimedia Foundation
Tel: +1-415-839-6885 x. 634
Skype: barry.wikimedia
Twitter: @bazanews

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