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Nested inline queries


I have a problem with nested inline queries, of the kind:

{{#ask: {{#ask: [[Category:Thing]] [[Has property::<q>[[Category:Thing2]][[Has property::>{{{param|}}}]]</q>]]
 | template=Temp1
 | format=template
 | link=none
}} | mainlabel=Something | ?PropertyX= |}}

The goal is to query for properties on multiple subpages, get results and display.
The problem is that I have a limit to the number of filters the inner ask is producing for the outer ask, which delivers an error. If I remove the outer ask, the inner one correctly produces a list of filters of the form [[some page]] OR [[some other page]], etc.
My settings on queries are as follows:

# Queries
$smwgQMaxDepth = 10000;
$smwgQMaxSize = 10000;
$smwgQMaxInlineLimit = 10000;
$smwgQMaxLimit = 100000;
$smwgQPrintoutLimit = 1000000;

Any clue on how I could remove the limit for the outer ask?


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