New Wikimedia Developer Support channel (test pilot)

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New Wikimedia Developer Support channel (test pilot)

Quim Gil-2
(The HTML version of this announcement can be found at

Wikimedia Developer Support offers a support channel for all developers
working with MediaWiki or other Wikimedia related technologies: APIs,
extensions, skins, gadgets, templates, bots, tools, apps, data sets… If you
need help with a technical problem, just ask.

This website is based on Discourse. If you have questions about how to use
it, check

Your feedback about this website is very important! Bug reports, feature
requests and other suggestions are very welcomed.


Wikimedia Developer Support is a pilot project running on a test
instance. This is not the final deployment. More about this project at

* Although the migration of users and content to the production server is
theoretically possible, at this point it is not guaranteed (T184461).
* The authentication system for this test instance is not what will be used
if this project makes it to production.
* If you have a Wikimedia account, use the same email when registering
here. This is how your username and content will remain yours if/when
Wikimedia single sign-on is implemented (T124691).
* Do not reuse your “real” passwords when creating an account in this test

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation
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