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New character for the wikipedia research tale

Hey All,

I want to introduce myself - I'm Rut Jesus (vulpeto) - portuguese but studying in Copenhagen. I am starting a PhD under the title 'Cooperation in Emergent Cognition of Socio-Technological Networks'. It's quite interdisciplinary and it can (still) go in many different directions.

I've studied Physics and Philosophy before - and now I'm again at their crossroads: at the Center for Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies (humanities'ish) which is at the Niels Bohr Institute (physics'ish).

For now I am mostly interested in being an observer - but certainly asking questions, perhaps making interviews, engaging in discussions, etc - but later I would also like to collaborate - specially in bringing some of the discussions/good-ideas/practices to wikipedias smaller than the english one (probably esperanto, perhaps portuguese, perhaps danish).

A virtual hug.

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