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New extension: "EventCountdown Extension"

Matt Curtis
I've made an extension, "EventCountdown".

On Meta's "Extending wiki markup" page it says that I
should now notify this list.

The extension can be found here:

Briefly, it's useful for displaying messages like "Only 11
days 'til X Day", which automatically vanish when X Day
arrives. On our intranet, I use it to display countdowns
to various trade shows or key product releases.

If anyone's a localisation expert, take a peek. It has
a feature to pluralise "day" so it doesn't say "1 days to
go!" but I don't know how to approach localisation.
Any tips would be good, or go ahead and modify the
extension yourself.

All feedback is welcome!

On a tech note: I'm a C++ programmer, new to PHP, and
I'm a bit worried about whether I'm polluting the global
namespace with symbols like my function "getDaysBetween".
What's the deal with that in PHP?

Matt Curtis
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