New feature for wikilabels to show progress of campaigns

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New feature for wikilabels to show progress of campaigns

Amir Tafreshi
I'm excited to announce the new feature in wikilabels that allows people to
check progress of campaigns they are labeling.

Wikilabels [1] is a platform to gather human-labeled data so it can be used
on ORES [2]. You can find its home page in
These data can be used in different AI models varying from fighting
vandalism to quality of items in Wikidata to anti-harassment models.

Until now, it was hard to get number of labels that is being made in each
campaign or understand how much work is left. But from now on by accessing and then going to your wiki you can have
these data. For example, go to and
it shows you progress of each campaign and how many labels are left to
consider it done or number of unique volunteers who are labeling.

Note that we are overhauling current paths of wikilabels to something
completely new because current paths are a little bit confusing and jump
around between GUI and API. So this URLs might change in the future [3] but
we will announce that properly beforehand and also make sure there is
redirect left from the old ones.

Any feedback about this feature would be greatly welcome. Feel free to
reach out to us in #wikimedia-ai at irc:// or AI mailing
list. [4]


Amir Sarabadani Tafreshi, on behalf of Scoring platform team
Software Engineer (contractor)
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Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.
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