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New features proposal, with patch

Manuel Vázquez Acosta
Hi all,

A few weeks ago I was asked to set up a wiki, I choose mediawiki (1.5.3 was
the stable version these days) as the software. As I worked on the
project customers asked me for some modifications. I want to share
those with the comunity. Currently the patch is for version 1.5.3, but
if you think features are worthy I can create a patch for version
1.5.6 (current stable).

The patch is avalaible in

This a sumary of features:
1.  Added a initTemplate(&$tpl) method in SinkTemplate in order to
give a chance to subclases to init QuickTemplates in several ways.
2. Added 2 global vars to keep category pages from displaying the
header "Articles in category XXX" and no articles at all.
3. Added a 'talk' permission to allow wiki admins to restrict
anonymous access to pages in NS_TALK namespace.
4. Added 1 global var to control how firstChar() should behave in
order to create index entries in category page's listings. This, I
think, should be done other way, please read the comments in the

Files modified:
1. CategoryPage.php
2. DefaultSettings.php (in order to set the introduced permission and
global vars to current default values, this is, as if they never
3. SkinTemplate.php
4. Title.php (permissions are granted here)
5. Language.php and LanguageUtf8.php  (firstChar mod, see above)
6. LanguageEs.php (disposable)

I would like to hear comments.

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