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New in the Pywikipediabot framework

Andre Engels
There is a new version available for download of the Python Wikipediabot
framework. I would advise most people using the framework on Wikimedia wikis
(who does not get it through CVS) to update, because the old version will
not be able to read the allpages special page correctly. Also, those who use
it on a Windows system are advised to download version 2.5 of Python (if
they are still using an older version), because colours are now working for
Windows, but only under Python 2.5. Downloading 2.5 is also advised for
anyone (on any system) who wants to use xml dumps with the bot.

To save space, the current distribution does not include the wordlists,
because they are very large files. Those who want to use
spellcheck.pyshould download them from
Wordlists exist for Dutch and English; wordlists in other
languages are still welcome.

Recent changes in the bot (from the last month, only the most important are

==new bots==
* This searches for a page with the same name in commons,
and links to it. Currently only working on English and Portuguese Wikipedias
* Deletes a group of pages.
==important bugfixes==
* Because of some changes in the wikimedia code, the bot wasn't able to read
[[Special:Allpages]] any more.
* Bot messed up categories or interwikis within <noinclude> tags (the > of
the noinclude was moved to after the categories/interwikis)
==user interface==
* More bots use colour highlighting
* Colours can now be used on Windows systems as well. This requires Python
* Transliterated text is now coloured yellow; the stars to denote that
something has been transliterated are only used when using a Windows version
that does not support colours.
* New option -subcat: When pages are found using -cat, pages from
subcategories are included as well.
* Does not hang on getting hit by the spamfilter
* Gives less false positives
* removes misplaced and extraneous spaces in
wiki-linking syntax
==aids for bot writers==
* in pagegenerators there is now PrefixingPageGenerator, yielding all pages
of which the title starts with a certain text.

Andre Engels, [hidden email]
ICQ: 6260644  --  Skype: a_engels
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