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Gerard Meijssen-3
I am really happy to inform you that it is now much easier to add
languages to WiktionaryZ. When people ask for a language to be added
(for adding content), there are a few things to consider.

*When a language has only one script and one orthography and is
mentioned in the ISO-639-3 list of languages we can easily add them.
*When a language has multiple scripts like Mandarin and Serbian, we add
both the language and the script. There is therefore Mandarin
(simplified) and Mandarin (traditional).
*When a language has multiple orthographies, like English, all the words
that are spelled in the same way are "English". All American words are
"English (United States)" etc.
*When a language is no longer considered one language, like Chinese, we
will not honour the request.

These are the provisional guidelines for how we add more languages.
Bureaucrats of WiktionaryZ can add languages.

NB I want to thank Erik for the many languages he added to the database
for us. :)

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