New maintainer of the RDFIO extension: Ali King

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New maintainer of the RDFIO extension: Ali King

Samuel Lampa-4
Hi all,

As you might have noticed, over the last years I have had less and less time and ability to work on SMW related things, including the RDFIO extension [1] I developed as a GSoC project in 2010.

I'm thus happy to announce that Ali King (cc:ed) has accepted to take over the maintainership.

Ali has done a solid job at improving the code and functionality as part of her GSoC project on RDFIO in 2014 and beyond, and has in practice been the maintainer for the project in the years after that, so this step is a natural one.

In the process, we have also moved the RDFIO repo into a dedicated github organization, so the new location is:

I still have some hopes to use and possibly help out developing RDFIO out a little in the future, but as it is all so uncertain, I'm very happy that Ali is ready to take over the maintainer responsibility!

// Samuel

Samuel Lampa
PhD student at Uppsala University (
Systems Developer at BILS (
  Skype: samuellampa

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