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New mobile contribution features for Wikipedia

Chris Koerner-2
The advanced mobile contribution features are now available on all Wikipedias.

The team responsible has updated the project page with more
information. It would be very helpful to have the project summary
translated into multiple languages.

I also have a message that will be delivered to any Wikipedias that it
is translated for, but everyone else will be considered informed via
Tech News.

Thank you all for your help over the last year in translating messages
regarding this project. It is one of my favorites to have worked on.
It would not have been so successful without translator help. From
messages, to the project page, and even the software interface.

These features are opt-in. Having these messages go out in all the
wonderful languages is super helpful in making people aware it exists.
Thank you!

Chris Koerner (he/him)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation

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