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New release pywikipediabot

Andre Engels
It's been a while, but now there is a new version released of the
Python Wikipediabot framework. It can be found at You can
choose between the full download and the light download. The latter is
the framework without some large rarely-used files - more
specifically, the wordlists for have been removed.

Some recent changes in the framework:
* interwikis that contain '' do not cause incorrect wiki syntax
* On Windows console, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Japanese
(katakana/hiragana) characters and less common Latin characters are
transliterated instead of being replaced by question marks

Andre Engels, [hidden email]
ICQ: 6260644  --  Skype: a_engels

Andre Engels, [hidden email]
ICQ: 6260644  --  Skype: a_engels
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