New time selector in wikistats2 UI

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New time selector in wikistats2 UI

Nuria Ruiz

Over the last couple months we've been working on improving the experience
of looking through the past on Wikistats2. Until now simple questions like
"who were the top editors in June 2010" or "what countries were visiting
Arabic Wikipedia the most in 2004" were difficult to answer because of our
very limited time selection options on the UI.

This week we deployed the *new time range selector* on Wikistats. As
opposed to the old one, it works for both top and time-series metrics. It
can be used to share links to specific periods in any metric of any wiki.
And we've added a toggle button to switch between monthly and daily
granularities. Please check it out, see, for example, edits for Italian
wikipedia in content spaces between December 2014 and April 2019:|bar|2014-12-01~2019-04-30|page_type~content|monthly

As always feedback welcome, handy link to report bugs:,Analytics


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