Notes from the December 2019 meeting

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Notes from the December 2019 meeting

Pine W
Hi US Wikimedians,

Notes are from the December 2019 online meeting are available on Meta at Participants are welcome to make corrections or additions as needed, especially to information that they shared themselves.

Regarding how people are identified in the meeting notes, some people in the meeting shared both their real names and their usernames. Although the meeting was public, I decided to err on the side of caution by identifying people in the notes in a way that is more limited than what people shared in the meeting. If people want to share more identifying information (including location information) about themselves, such as by linking their name in the notes to their username or vice versa, they are welcome to do that. Please refrain from posting additional identifying or location information about other people on Meta unless you are very sure that they are OK with that, because if you over-share information about someone else's identity or location then you may get yourself blocked and/or expose other people to unwanted attention.

Best wishes,

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