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OOUI 0.25.0 release

Volker E.

I'm pleased to announced that Contributors team has released OOUI
0.25.0 last evening. It will be in MediaWiki core from 1.31.0-wmf.17,
which will be deployed to Wikimedia production in the regular train,
starting on Tuesday 18 January. As there are six breaking changes in
this release, at least nominally, please carefully consider if they
affect your code.

Breaking changes since last release:

* Drop the `constructive` flag entirely (James D. Forrester)
We've identified that we are providing a better experience with a
smaller number of different button types in our use cases and after
outreaching, testing and consolidating from it's starting patch Feb
2016 we finally get rid of the last remainders of this button flag
with this release.

* Remove `BookletLayout#getClosestPage` (James D. Forrester)
We rename a number of getters when asking for one of 0+ items for
consistency reasons.
This and the following three changes are all around this topic.

* SelectWidget: Remove `getFirstSelectableItem` (Prateek Saxena)

* SelectWidget: Remove `getHighlightedItem` (Prateek Saxena)

* SelectWidget: Remove `getRelativeSelectableItem` (Prateek Saxena)

* icons: Drop 'watchlist', deprecated in v0.23.1 (James D. Forrester)
'watchlist' icon was unused and we had no further plans to start using
it, therefore removed it completely.

Deprecations since last release:

* GroupElement: Rename getItem(s)FromData to findItem(s)FromData
(Prateek Saxena)
Similar to the breaking changes above, this and the following two
changes are for naming consistency reasons.

* MultiSelectWidget: Rename getters (Prateek Saxena)

* SelectWidget: Rename `getSelectedItem` to `findSelectedItem` (Prateek Saxena)

* icons: Flag indicators 'previous' & 'next' as to be removed (Volker E.)
In our quest to make OOUI core leaner, we've identified that those indicators
originally planned for a certain use case, never came into use.
You can still reference similar 'previous' & 'next' from 'movement' pack.

* icons: Rename 'arrowLast' to 'arrowPrevious' (James D. Forrester)
We're also renaming 'arrowLast' for consistency reasons to 'arrowPrevious'.

* icons: Remove 'eye'/'eyeClosed' icons (Volker E.)
We want to use 'alerts' pack more deliberately in major products and
moved 'eye'/'eyeClosed' out. They were deprecated in v0.23.0 in 'alerts'.
Use icons from 'accessibility' pack instead.

Please update your icon pack references accordingly in case you're
using one of those icons.

A personal highlight of this release is that with the various SVG
markup optimizations in this together with removal of pre Opera v15
special treatment in last minor release we've accomplished to bring
down the icons from ~180 KB to ~120 KB before or 1.8 KB of after
gzipped critical rendering CSS.

Additional details on 11 new features, 42 code-level and accessibility
changes, 18 styling and interaction design amendments, and all
improvements since v0.24.0 are in the full changelog[0]. If you have
any further queries or need help dealing with breaking changes, please
let me know.

As always, library documentation is available on mediawiki.org[1], and
there is some comprehensive generated code-level documentation and
interactive demos hosted on doc.wikimedia.org[2].

[0] - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/diffusion/GOJU/browse/master/History.md
[1] - https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/OOUI
[2] - https://doc.wikimedia.org/oojs-ui/master/


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Wikimedia Foundation

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