OOUI: putting an IndexLayout inside a StackLayout

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OOUI: putting an IndexLayout inside a StackLayout

Huji Lee

I am trying to make a continuous StackLayout with three parts (top, middle
and bottom), where the top panel contains an IndexLayout. My code is at
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Huji/OOUI.js and as you can see, in
the output of it the bottom and middle panels are shown "on top of" the top
panel. This only occurs when the top panel is an IndexLayout; if I replace
its contents with any other element, no overlap occurs.

Can you please guide me as to who to achieve what I want?



PS: The context here is that eventually each tab in the IndexLayout will
present the user with some buttons; when they select a button from one of
the tabs, the middle and bottom panels will be used to preview the output
of that button and then save it to the page.
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