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joseph seddon

Dear Wikimedia UK mailing list,


As you are aware, the 2010 AGM is being collocated with the Open Knowledge Conference. The AGM will be free to attend to all members but talks from members of the Wikimedia community are being included as part of the Open Knowledge Conference and therefore registration will be needed to attend this talks. The registration costs £20 + a booking fee.


Conference registration can be found at:


This fee however will be waivered for those that are unable to pay the cost of registration and would therefore prevent them from attending the talks and the rest of the conference.


To help us get an idea of numbers for the AGM for health and safety reasons and to assist those that require the fee waiver, we ask that you fill out a VERY brief form by Wednesday 14th April 2010 with regards to whether you will be attending the AGM and/or conference. (All responses from the form will be deleted immediately after the 24th April 2010 [the day of the conference]).


Please fill out the following form by Wednesday 14th April 2010:


Thank You for your time in this


Joseph Seddon

Conferences & Events Director



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