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Open warfare on nl.wikipedia

Walter van Kalken
Muijz in his bid to force me of wikipedia is busy editting articles on
Thailand because he doesn't agree on their style. He is randomly picking
articles and changing links etc. I am desperate as nl.wikipedia has no
arbcom. This is terrorism in it's purest form.

I have worked on those articles for over 2,5 year and I like to put in
red links on subjects I know I am going to write about preventively.
Muijz takes them out and changes the total setup of them all. He is now
destroying my work of 2,5 years. I have worked fine with tens of other
people on these articles. They respected the work I dod.

I am desperately pleading to the Board. Please please please install an
arbcom on nl: . Force it on there please.

A desperate Waerth/Walter
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