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Opinion Polling, Voting, Wiki Technology and Communities

Adam Sobieski

Opinion polling and voting can be utilized in talk pages and throughout the various administrative and bureaucratic processes of wiki communities.

Opinion polling and voting are available for MediaWiki through a number of extensions. A popular one is SecurePoll which has been “used for Wikimedia Foundation Board elections and arbitration committee elections, and was used for the Wikimedia license transition vote among other things” (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SecurePoll).

I recently read about an interesting software, Vocdoni (https://vocdoni.io/ , https://vocdoni.io/docs/#/), which utilizes peer-to-peer technology and blockchain to provide opinion polling and voting. Perhaps there will, one day, be MediaWiki extensions for interoperation with such systems.

Best regards,
Adam Sobieski

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