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Overview sentiment analysis of Wikipedia ^articles

Flöck, Fabian
Hi, I’m currently looking for research/tools that give a complete (and fairly recent) overview about how much “sentiment” vocabulary is contained in *articles* of the English or any other Wikipedia. It could be just a simple matching of current sentiment dictionaries to article text. Just to get an idea how much (or better: little) vocabulary with a specific polarity Wikipedia contains recently and/or over time. Informal research welcome as well :)

I found some older papers (like [1]),  but mostly also just for a smaller subset of articles. Mostly, sentiment analysis is (understandably) just a means to an end in papers, so they don’t provide a comprehensive overview of the whole article set.

Any pointers are appreciated.


[1] http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/pubdb/views/edoc_download.php/6545/pdf/imm6545.pdf

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