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POV pushing by pressure group

Arwel Parry
In my daily trawl through Google News I've noticed several reports
headed "Bono targets Wikipedia entries" or similar -
which all basically seem to recycle a UPI wire report that Bono's Make
Poverty History campaign is editing our articles to push their agenda,
and have edited Iowa representative [[Jim Nussle]]'s entry to say

"As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Nussle and Iowa
also have an incredible opportunity to influence and save lives in
Africa and the world's poorest countries by fully funding the fight
against global AIDS and extreme poverty."

This has already been removed as POV-pushing. I've put a friendly note
on [[User talk:]] to ask them to kindly not do this again,
and point out that [[WP:NOT[[ a soapbox.

Perhaps it would be an idea to put out a press release deprecating the
practice, regardless of how much we may individually support the aims of
MPH, since it only creates work for people in removing it again?

Arwel Parry
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