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[Page Forms] Version 4.1.1: Disabling of outside services, bug fixes

Yaron Koren-2
 Hi all,

A new version of Page Forms, 4.1.1, was released. Changes and additions in
this new version include:

- The global variable $wgPageFormsDisableOutsideServices was added - if set
to "true", it disables the form inputs that send a wiki's data to outside
parties - in this case, OpenLayers and Google Maps. Thanks to Brian Wolff
for the idea, and Harjot Singh for the actual code.

- The addition of the $wgPageFormsUseDisplayTitle setting in version 4.1
led to some bugs with autocompletion, with certain settings. These have all
been fixed, as far as I know.

- Linking was improved for MediaWiki 1.28 and higher.

- In Italian, the standard word for both "form" and "module" is apparently
the same: "modulo". This caused a namespace collision with the Scribunto
extension. So now the "Form" namespace is called "Maschera" in Italian.
Thanks to Michele Fella for help with this.

- If the $wgMaxUploadSize variable is set to an array, it caused problems
with form uploading; this has been fixed. Thanks to Feroz Ahmed for the fix.

- Special:CreateForm now uses the <label> HTML tag for its labels, which
should help improve usability.

- Form validation of URL fields now uses the $wgUrlProtocols global
variable; thanks to Feroz for this change as well.

- There were a variety of improvements to the parsing of form definitions,
user inputs and system messages. Thanks to Brian Wolff for his help with
many of these.

- There were a variety of other, smaller bug fixes.

As always, you can go here to read more about Page Forms, and/or download
the extension:


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