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[Page Forms] Version 4.1: "datetimepicker" and "rating" inputs added, etc.

Yaron Koren-2
Hi all,

Version 4.1 of Page Forms has been released. It is the first version in
three months, so there are a lot of new features Changes and additions in
this version include:

- The "datetimepicker" input type was added - it is similar to
"datepicker", but includes a time component as well. This input was part of
the Semantic Forms Inputs extension (written by Stephan Gambke), and was
moved over.

- The "rating" input type was added - it displays a set of stars (five, by
default) to let users set a rating within a field. This input type replaces
the "rating" input type from the Semantic Rating extension, which now no
longer defines one (and isn't really semantic any more, but that's another
story). Thanks to Cindy Cicalese for helping with the creation of this

- The "googlemaps" input type was improved considerably: handling of
dragging the markers was fixed (thanks to Jonathan3), and support was added
for double-clicking (it zooms in and recenters the map).

- Speaking of double-clicking, you can now double click within a "token" in
the "tokens" input type to make it editable. In my opinion, this removes a
former major weakness of this input type, which is that it wasn't editable.
Thanks to Tom Fellows and Cindy Cicalese for help with this feature.

- The $wgPageFormsSimpleUpload setting was added - it changes form-based
uploading, i.e. "uploadable" fields, to use the operating system's own
uploading, instead of MediaWiki's uploading system. This allows for a
simpler, faster upload process. Thanks to Nischay Nahata for this feature.

- The $wgPageFormsUseDisplayTitle setting was added - it lets you use the
display title of a page as the display string within the form. I think this
will prove to be very useful, especially for wikis that have some sort of
ID system for their pages. Thanks to Cindy Cicalese for this feature.

- If a user goes to an "action=formedit" URL for a page that has no form
attached to it, a "form chooser" interface is displayed, letting them
choose which of the wiki's forms to edit the page with. Before, this
interface just displayed all the forms in alphabetical, but now it's a
little "smarter", showing the wiki's most popular forms (the ones used to
edit the most pages) in a separate list from the rest.

You can see an example of this new approach here:


I look forward to any feedback on this new approach, or any specific aspect
of it..

- Support was removed for MediaWiki versions below 1.21.

- The "datepicker" input type was simplified - some less-important settings
were removed.

- There were various other small fixes - thanks to various people for
these, including Anomie, Filip, Nikerabbit and Paladox.

You can read more about Page Forms, and download it, here:


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