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Hermann Schwärzler
Hi everybody,

I have a form to enter data for a scientific article

An article has authors which I want to pull in by using the options
 "existing values only|values from category=ArticleAuthor"

The authors have an automatically assigned page name
(ArticleAuthor_xxxxxx) but I want to show a meaningful author name for
the drop-down so I added
 "mapping property=ArticleAuthorReverse"

This works so far, but if I do this, the form creates a page where the
value for the Authors-parameter is a list of the mapping property (see

I would expect the value of the Authors-parameter to be a list of page
I.e. instead of

|Authors=Noe, Jane; Doe, John

I would expect to see

|Authors=ArticleAuthor_93174; ArticleAuthor_47038

Am I wrong or am I missing something?


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