Participate in a labeling campaign about verifiability of unsourced statements!

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Participate in a labeling campaign about verifiability of unsourced statements!

Jonathan Morgan
Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

If you are an editor of the French, Italian or English Wikipedia, and you
are curious about how to contribute to technologies for improving
verifiability of Wikipedia articles, please read on—we need your help!

In the context of the Knowledge integrity
<> program, we (the
WMF Research
team <>) are studying ways to flag unsourced
statements needing a citation
using machine learning, with the aim of identifying areas where adding high
quality citations is particularly urgent or important. Following the
success of the first labeling campaign
we now need to collect additional, high-quality labeled data regarding
why sentences
need citations.

You are invited to participate in a second annotation task
We used your input from the last experiment to generate a taxonomy of
why editors add citations. With this taxonomy now embedded in the
interface, the annotation experience will be much faster and fun.

If you are interested in participating, please go to (replace enwiki with itwki or frwiki
if you speak Italian or French), login, and  from *'**Labeling Unsourced
Statements II’**,*  request one (or more) workset.  For each task in a
workset, the tool will show you an unsourced sentence in an article and ask
you to annotate it. You can then label the sentence as needing an inline
citation or not, and specify a reason for your choice from a drop-down
menu.  If you can't respond please select 'skip'. You can also sign up by
(optionally) adding your name on this page
to receive updates about future campaigns and results from this research

If you have any question/comment on this project, please let us know by
contacting [hidden email] or leaving a message on the talk page of
the project

Thank you for your time!

Miriam, Jonathan, and Dario

Jonathan T. Morgan
Senior Design Researcher
Wikimedia Foundation
User:Jmorgan (WMF) <>
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