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Patchsets by new Gerrit contributors waiting for code review and/or merge

Andre Klapper-2
CR0: Please review and provide guidance if you are familiar with the code, and decide (CR±1 or CR±2):

** Added new feature: order virtual fields by the order they inserted to list on cargo store
** 2018-December-17
** Maintainers/Stewards: ???

** fix: non-ascii page title bug
** 2019-January-20
** Maintainers/Stewards: ???

** Fix OdbcDatabase to work under 1.32 and with current ExternalData
** 2019-February-02
** Maintainers/Stewards: ???

** Convert FirstSteps to use extension registration
** 2019-February-27
** Maintainers/Stewards: ??? (unmaintained?)

** [bugfix] Remove link to /edithistory from page's edithistory summary.
** 2019-March-17
** Maintainers/Stewards: ??? (not sure where Pywikibot lists that)

** db::views: Bring back abuse_filter_history table
** 2019-March-25
** Maintainers/Stewards: WMCS?

** Split API messages to a separate file
** 2019-March-26
** Maintainers/Stewards: ???

CR+1: Please help make a decision (CR±1, CR±2) on these CR+1 patches:

** Convert PipeEscape to use extension registration
** 2019-April-20
** Maintainers/Stewards: ???

** Use addJsConfigVars instead of addInlineScript
** 2019-April-09
** Maintainers/Stewards: ??? ( says Unmaintained)

** ApiEditPage: Don't swap undo and undoafter parameters
** 2019-April-01
** Maintainers/Stewards: MediaWiki Platform team?

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Thanks in advance for your reviews!

Of last time's 20 listed patches,
1 got -1ed by Santhosh;
3 got +1ed by D3rick01, Thiemo Kreuz, WMDE-Fisch, Pastakhov;
9 got +2ed by D3rick01, Jforrester, Brian Wolff, Xqt, Volans, MarcoAurelio, EBernhardson, Umherirrender;
1 got abandoned.

Maintainers/Stewards data taken from
CR0 source:
CR+1 source:

Andre Klapper | Bugwrangler / Developer Advocate

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