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Phil Nash-3
Nothing to make this firm notable within [[WP:CORP]], except that they've
been criticised for their compensation-seeking techniques; well, hot dog,
that isn't unusual in the post "ambulance-chasing" culture of some law firms
since solicitors were deregulated from advertising in the early 1980s.

I know Paul Rooney of old, and he was never the best criminal advocate
amongst the solicitors who practised in Liverpool when I also practised law
there; but this article is little more than a [[WP:COATRACK]] for his
methods, even if it passes the [[WP:N|notability]] threshold- which, I have
already opined, it does not.

This article should go, as an attack page.


[[User:Rodhullandemu]] - "still flying the flag for Wikipedia, for some
inexplicable reason".

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