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Ph.D. Fellowship Announcement - University of Florida, USA

Gwendolyn Lee

I have funding to support one Ph.D. student to pursue a doctoral degree in business administration.


In particular, I would like to work with a student who is interested in studying the content and the communities of the Wikimedia projects.


I am in the process of developing a research project to examine the working principles of Wikimedia. This project is an extension to my earlier work on open source where I develop a community-based model of knowledge creation based on Linux kernel development (Lee, 2003 in Organization Science).


This fellowship is designed to train/develop academic researchers. The student is expected to develop original research proposal(s) and conduct empirical tests. Most students become employed as university professors upon graduation.


Please contact me if you are interested in the opportunity, or if you know some one whom you would recommend.

Email: [hidden email]


Information about the fellowship:

The funding is guaranteed for four years with an option of employment as a lecturer in the fifth year.

The funding covers tuition and stipend.


Information about me:

Dr. Gwendolyn K. Lee

I am an assistant professor at the University of Florida, School of Business, Department of Management.


PHD - Business Administration, Univ of California at Berkeley, 2003

MS, BS – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Evolutionary economics, Innovation, Knowledge creation, Industry evolution, Convergence of industry boundaries, Emerging technologies


Information about the application procedure:

Application Due Date: September, 2006

Notification of Admission Status: January, 2007

Beginning of Course Work: August, 2007


What I am looking for in an applicant:

(1)   Intellectual curiosity and creativity

(2)   Academic aptitude and interest in learning

(3)   Discipline and rigor

(4)   P.S. No business experience is required to get a Ph.D. from a business school.


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