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Phabricator monthly statistics - 2018-06


Hi Community Metrics team,

This is your automatic monthly Phabricator statistics mail.

Accounts created in (2018-06): 309
Active Maniphest users (any activity) in (2018-06): 902
Task authors in (2018-06): 494
Users who have closed tasks in (2018-06): 270

Projects which had at least one task moved from one column to another on
their workboard in (2018-06): 273

Tasks created in (2018-06): 2425
Tasks closed in (2018-06): 2027
Open and stalled tasks in total: 38872

Median age in days of open tasks by priority:

Unbreak now: 4
Needs Triage: 406
High: 708
Normal: 968
Low: 1234
Lowest: 1206

(How long tasks have been open, not how long they have had that priority)

Active Differential users (any activity) in (2018-06): 20

TODO: Numbers which refer to closed tasks might not be correct, as
described in .

Yours sincerely,
Fab Rick Aytor

(via on phab1001 at Sun Jul  1 00:00:16 UTC 2018)

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