Pilot project on Wikimedia gaps: looking for a research assistant

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Pilot project on Wikimedia gaps: looking for a research assistant

Heather Ford-3
Hi all,

We are looking for someone with data visualisation experience to help us
with a new pilot research project investigating gaps in coverage of
Wikimedia in Australia (see ad below). We have received a small amount of
money by UTS to run this pilot while we wait on the results of a proposed
for a much larger project. The pilot will probably only be a few days work
but there may be more work down the line. We would love to hear from anyone
interested in working with us on this! Please email me if interested.



*Data visualisations expert *

Heather Ford <http://hblog.org>, Head of Digital and Social Media at UTS
in Sydney and Tamson Pietsch, Head of the Centre for Public History at UTS
with collaborators, Wikimedia Australia
<https://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Wikimedia_Australia> (including Pru Mitchell
and [[User:99of9|Toby Hudson]]) are involved in a project to analyse
Wikipedia’s scope and progress over the past twenty years (relating to
Australia and possibly globally). We are looking for someone to help us to
develop a series of visualisations for a pilot project. This will involve
extracting data about en.wp.org
(either from Wikipedia or via Wikidata) and comparing it to another dataset
(possibly *https://honours.pmc.gov.au/honours/search
cleaning and coding data and, importantly, visualising the data using
mapping and other visualisation tools. This is a pilot project with
resources for a few days work which we would ideally like to happen over
the next month. Experience with Wikimedia data analysis is a plus. Please
contact Heather for more information or to express interest.


Dr Heather Ford
Associate Professor and Head of Discipline (Digital and Social Media
School of Communication
University of Technology, Sydney <https://www.uts.edu.au/> (UTS)

w: hblog.org / t: @hfordsa <http://www.twitter.com/hfordsa>
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