Please review "Amendments" section of the Code of Conduct

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Please review "Amendments" section of the Code of Conduct

Matthew Flaschen-2
Please take this as a final opportunity to do review/suggest
changes/etc. to the Amendments section of the draft Code of Conduct.
This text has been up for a while, but I recently put in a small
proposed change to make it harder for the Committee to veto amendments.

This is the last section.  After it's approved, the Code of Conduct will
become policy, and the Amendments section will specify how future
changes to the policy work.

* Current text: 
(under "Page: Code of Conduct/Amendments")
* Discussion:

The approval discussion hasn't started yet.  It will be next and I will
send out a separate email.


Matt Flaschen

P.S. You can still participate in deciding whether to approve "Creation
and renewal of the Committee" at 

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