Poll to make all future POTDs FPs or QIs (from Jan 1 2007)

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Poll to make all future POTDs FPs or QIs (from Jan 1 2007)

Brianna Laugher
POTD: picture of the day (appears in a nice template that people often
add to their talk page, as well as on the main page)
FP: featured pictures
QI: quality images (somewhat akin to 'good articles' on en.wp, but
only for Wikimedian-created works)

Feel free to translate at will (on the poll page).

There is some discussion about it at
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons_talk:Picture_of_the_day too.

I personally rather like the fact that POTD is so open, and anyone can
add anything they want whenever they want, including anons. I'm sure
plenty of good FP nominations have come out of  POTDs. I would like to
see the creation of an "alternative POTD" process that allows this
ad-hoc contributing to continue. (but doesn't appear on the main page)
If this current poll succeeds, and other people think it's a viable
idea, I will probably set it up.

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