Prepare your small tasks to mentor a new contributor! (Google Code-in early heads-up)

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Prepare your small tasks to mentor a new contributor! (Google Code-in early heads-up)

Andre Klapper-2
(Note: This is only an early heads-up, to be prepared. Google Code-in
has NOT been announced yet, but last year, GCI mentors asked for more
time in advance to identify tasks to mentor. Here you are. :)

* You have small, self-contained bugs you'd like to see fixed?
* Your documentation needs specific improvements?
* Your user interface has some smaller design issues?
* Your Outreachy/Summer of Code project welcomes small tweaks?
* You'd enjoy helping someone port your template to Lua?
* Your gadget code uses some deprecated API calls?
* You have tasks in mind that welcome some research?

Google Code-in (GCI) is an annual contest for 13-17 year old students.
GCI 2019 has not yet been announced but usually takes place from late
October to December. It is not only about coding: We also need tasks
about design, docs, outreach/research, QA.

Read , add
your name to the mentors table, and start tagging tasks in Wikimedia
Phabricator by adding the #gci-2019 project tag.
We will need MANY mentors and MANY tasks, otherwise we cannot make it.

Last year, 199 students successfully worked on 765 tasks supported by
39 mentors. For some achievements from the last round, see

Note that "beginner tasks" (e.g. "Set up Vagrant") and generic
tasks are very welcome (like "Choose and replace 2 uses of
Linker::link() from the list in T223010" style).

We also have more than 400 unassigned open #good-first-bug tasks:
Can and would you mentor some of these tasks in your area?

Please take a moment to find / update [Phabricator etc.] tasks in your
project(s) which would take an experienced contributor 2-3 hours. Read
, ask if you have any questions, and add your name to

Thanks (as we will not be able to run this without your help),
Andre Klapper (he/him) | Bugwrangler / Developer Advocate

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