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Progress on WiktionaryZ

Gerard Meijssen-3
We have reached another nice number at WiktionaryZ.. We have our 500th
user.. As you may know, we are quite happy to increase not only our
number of editors (please let us know when you have your Babel templates
and have read [[DefinedMeaning]]) we have also slowly but surely
expanded the number of languages that we support, Thai Ido and Serbian
among the ones that have added lately.

In the background there have been many interesting discussions about all
kinds of everything, many of the suggestions made are feasible but are
reliant of the state of the software and the availability of people
willing to program for us. The first volunteer contribution is about to
be go life in a few days time; this is software that will change the
behaviour of the screen. The way you like to have your screen configured
will get some stickiness. Thanks Rod :) The first stage of versioning is
likely to go life next week.

We have had a setback with the development of the "Mulitlingual
MediaWiki", the guy who started to work on it fell sick and the money
promised for it has become uncertain for now due to legal problems at
the donor side. We now have the funding to make this happen thanks to
Wikia and the University Bamberg. We even have some money to create some
new functionality to make the life of our editors and users a bit more
sweet; things like lists of the words in a language and/or a collection
or the words where there is content in language A and there is no
content in language B...

 From a content point of view, I do not have a clue how many "articles"
WiktionaryZ has, I do know that it grows rapidly certainly when you
consider that the growth is based on what is done manually. Our Alexa
ranking has some amusement value; 
and we have our own stats as well;

When you have not visited us yet, this is as great a time as any, if it
were only to boost the "Alexa" ratings :)

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