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Project Tiger 2.0 / GLOW

Ananth Subray

We are glad to inform you that Project Tiger 2.0/GLOW is going to start
very soon. You know about Project Tiger first iteration where we saw
exciting and encouraging participation from different Indian Wikimedia
communities. To Know about Project Tiger 1.0 please see this page -

Like project Tiger 1.0, This iteration will have 2 components

   1. Infrastructure support - Supporting Wikimedians from India with
   internet support for 6 months and providing Chrome books.
   2. Article writing contest - A 3-month article writing contest will be
   conducted for Indian Wikimedians communities. Following community feedback,
   we noted some community members wanted the process of article list
   generation to be improved. In this iteration there will be at least two
   lists of articles a) Google-generated list, b) community suggested a list.
   Google generated list will be given to the community members before
   finalising the final list. On the other hand, the community may create a
   list by discussing among the community over Village pump, Mailing list and
   similar discussion channels.

We request you to go through these pages to know more about Project Tiger



We will give you more updates about every step and procedure in the next
two-three days.

Thanks and Regards,

Programme Associate
Access to Knowledge program <>
The Centre for Internet & Society

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