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Publish-staying-in-editmode feature for WikiEditor


I have implemented an idea for WikiEditor extension: replace
"step-by-step publish" feature with another one - "publish staying in
edit mode via AJAX". You can see a demo at if
you want. It works simply by sending an API save article request while
NOT closing the article being edited. Also it handles section edits
correctly via re-requesting section content after editing, so you'll
stay with consistent edit form even if you add sections.

The idea is to give authors the ability to save intermediate results.

My question is - does anyone really need "step-by-step publishing"
feature that is in WikiEditor? I think it's useless because it just
duplicates the existing functionality, just submits the form using
normal POST request, and makes editing harder as you have to do more
clicks. I would submit a patch to Gerrit if you're interested in
replacing it with "publish-staying-in-editmode".

With best regards,
   Vitaliy Filippov

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