Q: import of images/thumb generation (v. 1.5.8)

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Q: import of images/thumb generation (v. 1.5.8)

Arvid Requate
Dear wikitech-l readers,

I'm seeking for advice on a problem I'm facing migrating the content of one Mediawiki installation to another fresh one. To make it short:
the thumbs are not displayed in-text, but instead the images themselves are.
The data was exported with dumbBackup as xml from a 1.5.7 Mediawiki and imported with mwdumper -sql:1.5 to a MW  v.1.5.8 (same with 1.7.1). The images folder was copied, chmoded and rebuildImages --missing was run, refreshLinks was run as well. (mysql is 4.0.24-10sarge2 on the source and 4.1 [ubuntu dapper] on the target machine).
I posted on mwusers.com but did not receive any comment on this issue yet. It must be fairly trivial I guess, since wikipedia will probably migrate things a lot, but I couldn't find any sign of discomfort about this strange behaviour on the lists.

Thanks for any hint,

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