Q3 Code stewardship reviews, feedback phase closed

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Q3 Code stewardship reviews, feedback phase closed

Jean-Rene Branaa

The feedback collection phase of this quarter's code stewardship reviews
has closed.  Thank you to all those that provided feedback about the items
under review[0] and the process[1] itself.  The next step in this
process[1] will be to summarize the feedback and review it with the WMF CPO
and CTO.  Additional updates to follow.

There's been some discussion regarding this process and its purpose, I
wanted to take a moment to help clarify.  Although the genesis of this
process was the Sunsetting Working Group[2], the process itself isn't
focused on sunsetting as the primary outcome.  The primary objective of the
process is to help bring to light areas of code that currently lack
stewardship and define a course of action.

This is a process that we hope will give the both the Foundation and
broader community an avenue to raise stewardship concerns which could
in-turn affect the Foundation's planning.

As this is a new process, I'm sure there will be adjustments as we go
through it the first few times.



[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Code_stewardship_reviews#Process
[2] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Sunsetting_Working_Group
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