Q4 Fund Drive to start on Friday

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Q4 Fund Drive to start on Friday

Daniel Mayer-2
Hello everyone -

The fourth quarter fund drive for the Wikimedia Foundation will start on 00:00 UTC Friday 16
December and last until 00:00 UTC Friday 6 January. There is no specific goal for this drive but
we would like to at least cover all next quarter's spending along with the rest of this quarter.
That will require well over $500,000. A draft budget is on meta and will be open for public
comment soon (announcement will be on foundation-l and meta’s Goings On page).

Wikimedia needs your help to make sure this drive is a success. Some other charities spend up to
80% of donations on fundraising costs. With your continued help our only fundraising costs are
PayPal and bank fees. This means that over 95% of donations made to us go toward running the
foundation and its projects.

Here is what needs to be done:
1) make sure your language's translation of the fund drive documents are completed. See
2) get somebody who can edit the foundation wiki to place a copy of your translation there
3) Put your translated fund drive notice on your wiki's [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice]] page soon after
the drive starts.

Everything else will be taken care of by myself and the Wikimedia team.


Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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