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Question on setup semantic cite

Hi all,

I am new in smw, I am setting up a smw with semantic cite but I got
'[object Object]:[object Object]', anyone can advise what's my problem?  Am
I missing something?

MediaWiki <> 1.28.0
PHP <> 5.6.28 (fpm-fcgi)
MySQL <> 5.6.34
ICU <> 52.1

Semantic Cite <> 1.2.0
GPL-2.0+ <> Manage
citation resources with the help of Semantic MediaWiki
<> James Hong Kong
Semantic MediaWiki <> 2.4.5 GPL-2.0+
<> Making
your wiki more accessible - for machines *and* humans (online documentation
<>) Markus Krötzsch
<>, Jeroen De Dauw
<>, James Hong Kong and
others <>

= MediaWiki:Sci-template-definition
A list of citation types that are mapped to predefined templates containing
citation formatting rules.
 journal article|Sci-mla-citation-formatter

Template created based on


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