Question to all: Non-Wikipedia-Wikimedia-Mediawiki projects for Labs' ToU

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Question to all: Non-Wikipedia-Wikimedia-Mediawiki projects for Labs' ToU

Silke Meyer
Dear tool maintainers!

This is about the Terms of Use in Wikimedia Labs [1] and the projects that are invited to live in Labs/Tool Labs. If your tools are not explicitly related to Wikipedia-Wikimedia-Mediawiki projects, please answer this e-mail.

The upcoming new version of the Terms of Use will add Openstreetmap to the (obvious) Wikipedia-Wikimedia-Mediawiki projects. I was asked if there are other free projects supported by your tools. I need your help to answer this question!

If the Terms of Use tend to exclude your project because of the limitation to specific free projects, please let me know what your tool does.

Thanks and cheers,

Silke Meyer
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